Carsten Fabricius

Forfatter: Carsten Fabricius

Band Straw

Straw´s ready for touring with the band. A strong constellation with some of the grand old men in the danish rockbusiness and a new young talentet guitar.

We´re all ready to “take off” and available in fall and Winter 2015 – and in 2016.


Possible cooperation with strong US management!

Just for general information, it can be noted that work is underway to make an agreement with a strong US management.

“We very much hope to be able to sign a rich contract within a reasonable time, but there are a lot of aspects of such an agreement, that shall be illustrated and adapted so that both they and we can be satisfied with the future cooperation” said Carsten Fabricius.

“We see what is happening and look forward to that we can get beyond the country’s borders and meet a frank and positive audience of future performances.”

Girls have announced that they are all happy for the content of the cooperation agreements they have had the opportunity to get acquainted with.

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